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Que’s Brothers, Memphis in May…

Posted on 05/31/08 in Past Events, 5 Comments

My time in Memphis at the big BBQ competition goes down as the best week ever. I drove down with Willie from Honky Tonk BBQ pulling the Southern Yankee Smoker with his big RV. Willie had been tweaking his rub recipe and his sauce recipe for a while and he had a really good idea […]

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Deconstructed Turducken at the market

Posted on 05/30/08 in Past Events, No Comments

It was supposed to be on the roof top, but spring is still playing games so we had to move it all inside. Our dinner guests walked through the grocery store, picked out some wine, and then came upstairs to the store room of the grocery store. We set up a dining room among boxes […]

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Posted on 02/07/08 in Past Events, No Comments

After a stupid busy month last December, I had to decide whether I would start out the New Year fighting the ice on my windshield or jump on a plane to somewhere hot. Needless to say, I just returned from Mexico from a great trip. I took some time to visit places I’d never been […]

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Year of the Goat

Posted on 11/25/07 in Past Events, 6 Comments

The idea of slaughtering an animal with the intent to stew is something that probably never gets into the head of the urban omnivore. But perhaps it should. My experience with Tony the Goat over the past couple of months led me through the world of butchering, animal rights activists, birria, animal cops, goat farming, […]

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Let’s talk about meat

Posted on 10/30/07 in News, Past Events, 1 Comment

This is the Omnivore’s Dilemma… I think people who eat meat do so for a variety of reasons. We enjoy the taste and texture We grew up on meaty dishes like roasts, fried chicken, and goat stew We love a good steak We’re cutting down on carbs We like our veggies, but balance this with […]

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To Foie Gras Or Not to Foie Gras??

Posted on 09/28/07 in News, Past Events, 9 Comments

So that’s the question. Although the overfeeding of geese with intent to fatten has been going on for about 5,000 years, something strange has happened in the City of Chicago, a city known for modernizing and industrializing the stocking and slaughtering of hogs and cattle. It was in Chicago that Upton Sinclair discovered the inspiration […]

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