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Photos – Valentine’s Dinner 2010

Posted on 02/20/10 in Past Events, 15 Comments

We had a great time cooking at the mansion and so glad to see all of you there dining with us! Thursday night we started things out with a performance by Angel Olsen. She’s working on an album right now and if you want to check her out, you can find her at The Whistler […]

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Valentine Dinner Mural

Posted on 02/15/10 in Past Events, 5 Comments

After 4 nights of dinner parties, our mural eventually achieved masterpiece status. Between courses of duck, rocket, pork, and saffron pasta, we painted right on the gallery walls. Thursday Night: sorry guys we whitewashed over most of your stuff. Friday night: Is Cupid really evil? At least we know that the Gipsy Trio loves us. […]

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Update-Photos: Toy Factory

Posted on 01/02/10 in Past Events, 1 Comment

December in Chicago marks the end of the Harvest season. During Thanksgiving we ate everything in sight. You can't deny it anymore, winter is coming. It takes some planning and creativity to plan a 200 mile dinner in December, but I accepted the challenge with gusto and reached out to some farmers to put together […]

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Whole Artist: Sarah and Joseph Belknap

Posted on 11/13/09 in Past Events, Whole Artist Past Events, 5 Comments

This dinner is part of the Clandestino Artist Dinner Series. This series was developed by Curator Vicki Fowler. We spend an evening with a local artist in their space, and enjoy a collaborative and delicious meal using local ingredients. On Friday the 13th, we served our labor intensive menu at the home studio of artists […]

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Update-Photos: Haunted Mansion

Posted on 10/09/09 in Past Events, 2 Comments

It was a dark and stormy night and the steak was the right amount of bloody. How did we prepare such tender and delicious octopi? Chef Nikki Stanger sauteed the brined squigglies in olive oil and garlic, with a lemon juice finish. Thanks to members of Pillars and Tongues for providing sounds. We were at […]

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Update-Photos: Feast and Fashion

Posted on 09/15/09 in Past Events, 1 Comment

Local designer, Anke Loh, revealed her latest work, Urban Identities, a new group of garments based on her research and experimentation during a visiting fellowship at the Research Center for Fashion, Body, and Material Cultures, London. Anke Loh lives in Chicago, where she works as a designer and assistant professor in the Department of Fashion […]

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A day in the Life

Posted on 08/26/09 in Past Events, 1 Comment

We are always curious about the daily lives of people around the globe. What do they eat? What do they drive? Do they play and work as hard as us? We dined our way through “A Day in the Life” of a Brazilian, using local ingredients such as quail eggs from MI, pork from Twin […]

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Update-Photos: Pig Roast at the Abandoned Convent

Posted on 08/25/09 in Past Events, 4 Comments

Twas a great night of food and music. We served up some Championship pulled pork samiches, from the Honky Tonk BBQ cooking team. Thanks to Chicago’s own Tangleweed and also Deano Waco w/ members of the Meat Purveyors for some great performances.

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Janey’s Farm

Posted on 08/13/09 in Past Events, 1 Comment

The delicious chicken you’ve all been enjoying this summer was raised in Indiana over at Janey’s Farm. Janey also supplies eggs, spring lettuce, and fruit preserves for all our Clandestino meals. She uses sustainable agricultural practices in her garden and in the way she raises her animals. On our recent visits to Janey’s farm, we […]

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Update Photos: Lincoln Garden Dinner

Posted on 08/13/09 in Past Events, 5 Comments

We dined like Presidents! Our dinner spot this time was The Convent, a hidden gem just minutes from the Willis Tower. Thanks again to the Northside Southpaws for stopping by and playing some tunes. We featured recipes from the famed White House cookbook as well as traditional recipes of the time for an old school […]

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