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Underground Dinner Parties

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Let’s talk about meat

Posted on 10/30/07 in News, Past Events, 1 Comment

This is the Omnivore’s Dilemma… I think people who eat meat do so for a variety of reasons. We enjoy the taste and texture We grew up on meaty dishes like roasts, fried chicken, and goat stew We love a good steak We’re cutting down on carbs We like our veggies, but balance this with […]

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To Foie Gras Or Not to Foie Gras??

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So that’s the question. Although the overfeeding of geese with intent to fatten has been going on for about 5,000 years, something strange has happened in the City of Chicago, a city known for modernizing and industrializing the stocking and slaughtering of hogs and cattle. It was in Chicago that Upton Sinclair discovered the inspiration […]

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