Whole Artist: Lynn Basa

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The Whole Artist dinner series is an instigated collaboration between featured artist, chef, responder and YOU, our guest as audience and participant.

  • Response by Artist, food enthusiast, and bee keeper Vanessa Smith of CROP
  • Hosted by Vicki Fowler of Whole Artist

Honey Inspired Menu by Chef Efrain Cuevas

  • International Honey Tasting 
  • Honey, Strawberries, and Whiskey – strawberry fizz, thyme honey syrup, Lion's Pride Whiskey (also available w/o whiskey)
  • Honey and Herbs – herbed pappardelle, honey and herb pesto, chive creme fraiche
  • Honey, Peas, and  Pork –  house cured prosciutto, glazed pork belly, honey buttered peas, crispy potatoes
  • Honey and Greens – asparagus, ruby streaks, baby lettuce, honey vinaigrette
  • Honey and Chicken – crispy honey chicken, whole grain waffles, hot lovage honey, wilted garlicky greens
  • Honey, Rhubarb, and Cream – honey panna cotta, honey rhubarb compote

Collaboratively we have looked at the longevity of Basa's work and have hovered and honed in on the subtle yet ever present honey bee. This gem of an insect has been a trajectory in flight in her work through her use of honeycomb, bee's wax in works such as craft works, large scale rugs, public works to her current encaustic paintings. Join us in the hunt with your eye and your belly for the honey bee from plate to plate, and throughout Basa's work.

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