Whole Hog Pork-Tastica!

Posted on 03/06/11 in Past Events, No Comments

Amuse + Beer Cocktail + 5 courses + BYOB

  • Two Brothers Domaine Dupage w/ cognac
  • Amuse: Chicharrones w/ Tomatillo Dipping Sauce
  • Sesame cracker, scrapple chorizo, quail egg, poached oyster, and guajillo agave reduction
  • Homemade buckwheat noodles, grilled pork loin, crispy trotter cake, pickled ramps and rhubarb
  • Spring spinach, asparagus, and maple-cured bacon, ¬†honey vinaigrette.
  • Smoked Shoulder and ribs, fingerling potatoes w/ watercress, mustard reduction and rhubarb bbq sauce
  • Homemade rootbeer, sweet potato ice cream, and caramel

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