ChocoDinner in the Loop

Posted on 12/01/10 in Past Events, No Comments

Our last dinner of 2010 was in the Loop.

Chef Lauren Parton created a delicious menu utilizing chocolate in sweet and savory ways.

  • Clear Chocolate Martini w/ Candied Violet Dust
  • Chocolate Praline w/ Bacon
  • Parsnip and white chocolate soup
  • Baby beet salad w/ arugula and mint, goat cheese and chocolate balsamic vinaigrette
  • Cocoa ravioli, pistachio ricotta filling, sage gel and maple Brown Butter
  • Local pastured goat stew, quinoa and crispy beets, garam masala chocolate demi-glace
  • Milk and Cookies Plate: drinking chocolate and assorted artisan cookies and chocolate treats

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