Pear & Pork Feast

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I don’t normally eat at the dinner party, too much cooking going on, but this night I made an exception.
I snagged a bowl of the pear and pork dumplings in broth and savored it thoroughly which involved both licking the bowl and my fingers.

“True to Life” Sketches were on display by artist Heidi Tunea.
Ms. Tunea’s work pays homage to celebrities from the Silver Age of Hollywood. During dinner, Ms. Tunea started her sketch of late actor Christopher Reeve.  She was kind enough to donate her Reeve sketch to one of our dinner guests. Thank you Heidi!

Our lovely pig came to us via Karen Laing, owner of Prairie Fire Farm in Cambridge, Wisconsin. They recently delivered 4 of their pastured Berkshire hogs to slaughter. And we snagged one of them. Last time I cooked with Karen’s pork I made carnitas and they were the shit. Almost as good as Don Pedro’s. Okay maybe better.

The pears came from my dad’s tree in Geneva, IL.  It’s an Asian pear variety. He ate some about 8 years ago and he really liked them so he planted some seeds. They are sweet and tart and crunchy. This year was the biggest harvest for sure. They were falling on our  heads when we were harvesting, should’ve worn a helmet.

Our menu…

  • Cocktail. Peargasm – el cabrito tequila reposado, fresh pear juice, citrus syrup. A frothy drink with pear and citrus. tequila poached pear garnish
  • Amuse. Pear cube w/ balsamic and shallot
  • Braised then grilled pork belly, pear tomatillo sauce, pear compote
  • Pear and Pork Dumplings, braised cabbage, spicy porky pork broth
  • Pear dominoes w/ homemade queso fresco, microgreens, and bacon
  • Loin Chop Milanesa, baby mustard greens, butternut squash puree, mulato chile sauce
  • Pear Polenta Cake w/ frozen pear custard, vanilla-balsamic caramel


  1. Adam

    What time is the Pear and Pork event? I have a Blackhawks game the same day. Also, what is the price on this event? I missed the BBQ dinner earlier in the year, so I really want to try and make this if possible.

    Posted 9-2-2010 , Reply

  2. chEfrain

    Hi Adam,

    The dinner starts at 7pm and the cost is $79/person. Hope you can join us!

    Posted 9-2-2010 , Reply

  3. Secorro

    What is the menu?

    Posted 9-14-2010 , Reply

    • chEfrain

      We’ll be posting the menu early next week. Stay tuned!

      Posted 9-16-2010 , Reply

  4. felicia

    Have you posted pictures from the Deadliest Catch event? It was the event where you had to guess which fish it was.

    Posted 9-17-2010 , Reply

    • chEfrain

      Hi Felicia,
      I will post these up next week. I’ll let you know when they’re up. THanks!

      Posted 9-24-2010 , Reply

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