Chicago River Monsters

Posted on 07/25/10 in Past Events, No Comments

A little summer in your life.

Our latest adventure brought us to a riverside home in Albany Park in the Chi. I was worried about mosquitos but we got lucky and no bites!

Hot Jazz was served fresh by The David Moulthrop Gipsy Trio

This was not one of our usual dinner parties. It was a pretty special place, so we wanted to try something a little different.

Se we set up food stands featuring 3 delicious river monsters (Barramundi, Asian Carp, and Catfish) plus fixins made with veggies from our garden.

  • Summer Gazpacho w/ Ceviche (Barramundi)
  • Croquettes w/ urban greens (Carp)
  • Fish Tacos w/ cabbage and string bean salad (Catfish)

For dessert, we served up homemade ice cream sodas.

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