Bees and BBQ Dinner in Pilsen

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Bzzzz, the infamous bee dinner in Pilsen…

There are two beehives on the property, maintained by Beekeeper Willie Jr. Honey was harvested twice to compare late spring and early summer honey.

Pastured halal chicken and turkey from Whole Earth Meats, a local start-up dedicated to developing a high quality supply of sustainably raised and processed, humanely slaughtered meat and poultry.

Proper Boleros and cowboy songs by Urban Djin

Mixologist Chris Roberts served up the Dirty Margarita: mezcal, lime, sugar, and smoked poblano chile

  • Amuse bouche: corn tortilla, Pilsen Honey, Cotija cheese from Tecalitlan, Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Al Dente noodles, roasted tomatillo and eggplant caviar, Gunthorp Farm chicharrones
  • Smoked Turkey drumstick mole and grilled zucchini
  • Garden Cucumber salad w/ honey vinaigrette
  • Grilled Chicken w/greens
  • Serrano cornbread ice cream w/ corn cake and honey
  • Honey sea salt caramels

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  1. cesar moreno

    Hello all,

    This will be the first time assisting to any clandestino event and we are pretty excited! I have a couple of questions, please if someone can answer them that would be great:

    1. What is the attire? I assume it is a laid back environment so I assume casual attire should be fine, right?

    2. This is probably the most important one, I know the event is BYOB, and my wife and I are not big wine drinkers, so given the menu, anyone has any recommendations for good wine?

    thanks all,

    Posted 7-30-2010 , Reply

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