Whole Artist: Sarah and Joseph Belknap

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This dinner is part of the Clandestino Artist Dinner Series. This series was developed by Curator Vicki Fowler. We spend an evening with a local artist in their space, and enjoy a collaborative and delicious meal using local ingredients. On Friday the 13th, we served our labor intensive menu at the home studio of artists Sarah and Joseph Belknap in Cicero. We used acorn squash from the Belknap's backyard garden. Their work relies heavily on collaboration and on performing labor and using labor as a type of evidence that implicates the viewer. Their work also addresses the rust belt, ecology, the economy, architecture, research, and disasters, both natural and unnatural. Thanks to the Northside Southpaws for a great performance.

  • Fingerling potato salad, lamb and pork sausage, baby arugula
  • Spy Apples, raw milk cheddar, and local honey
  • Acorn squash ravioli w/ pesto and maple cream
  • Apple Cake, Pistachio Cake, Acorn squash ice cream, cider caramel

Potatoes from Nichols Farm. Lamb sausage from Mint Creek Farm. Pork Sausage from Twin Oaks Farm. Spy apples and cider from Seedling. Raw milk cheddar from Brunkow Creamery.


  1. Susan LaPorte

    Please put me on your e-mail list and notify me of upcoming events.

    Posted 9-24-2009 , Reply

  2. marcella

    Hi – the menu and event sound fantastic. I’m just wondering, besides the artisan sausages, will there be any meat or alcohol cooked in the meal? I’m in an inter-dietary relationship. 🙂

    Posted 10-16-2009 , Reply

  3. chEfrain

    hey marcella.
    no meat or alcohol aside from the sausage. I have your notes in your reservation. i will make sure not to upset the the inter-dietary balance =)

    Posted 10-25-2009 , Reply

  4. Gabrielle

    Please let me know if anyone cancels for this event. I would love to come!

    Posted 10-26-2009 , Reply

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