Janey’s Farm

Posted on 08/13/09 in Past Events, 1 Comment

The delicious chicken you’ve all been enjoying this summer was raised in Indiana over at Janey’s Farm. Janey also supplies eggs, spring lettuce, and fruit preserves for all our Clandestino meals. She uses sustainable agricultural practices in her garden and in the way she raises her animals. On our recent visits to Janey’s farm, we learned the art of butchering chickens. It’s our best bet to bringing the freshest poultry to the dinner table.

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  1. Donna Taylor

    Hello! I would like to send you information on the upcoming Valparaiso Womens Expo on September 17th and 18th, 2011. Please contact me back so that I could email or fax you the information. Thank you and have a wonderful day! Donna Taylor

    Posted 4-6-2011 , Reply

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