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Music inspires food on Friday June 19th at an undisclosed location.

Amuse: Cheese Sampling including cheeses from Saxon Homestead Creamery in Cleveland, WI and other fine cheeses.

Junior Wells and Buddy Guy: Hoodoo Man Blues

  • Memphis pulled pork, black bean waffle, tomato rhubarb ‘que sauce, pickled carrot and rhubarb relish

Rhubarb from Seedling Growers: Michigan, Pork: Iowa.

Paired w/ Blanc de Noir from Wilhelmshof, Germany

Rhubarb Sorbet Refresher

Curtis Mayfield: Superfly

  • Chicken “confit” and greens Agnolotti, chicken and greens roulade, chicken consomme

Chef-butchered chicken from Janey’s Farm: IN, spigarello greens from Green Acres Farm: IN, green garlic from Nichols Farm: IL

Paired w/ Weingut Keller 2007 “Von der Fels” Riesling

Earl Grey and Lemon Refresher

Common: Like Water for Chocolate

  • Ancho and cacao roasted beets, onions, carrots, and english peas, w/ watercress salad

English Peas from Mick Klug Farm: MI, Spring Onions from Nichols Farm: IL.

Paired w/ Olson Ogden Syrah, 2005

Cucumber Oregano Refresher

Naked Raygun: Throb Throb

  • Fennel and herb crusted hanger steak, braised marrow, potato terrine, oyster mushroom ragout

Hanger steak and marrow bones from Heartland Meat: IL, Oyster mushrooms from River Valley Ranch: WI. Tomatoes from Iron Creek farm: Michigan.

Paired w/ Scherrer “Zinfandoodle”, NV V6.7

Fennel Mint Refresher

Mavis Staples: We’ll Never Turn back

  • Juneberry cobbler, crème frache ice cream

Chef-harvested juneberries: Chicago.

Paired w/ 1999 Schwibinger Pinot Gris, Auslese

Coffee and Chicory


  1. Josh

    Sounds like a really good menu… Curtis’ chicken confit sounds really interesting.

    Posted 6-13-2009 , Reply

  2. chEfrain

    i am most excited about the superfly dish. i am roasting the chicken legs in duck fat, but first marinating. the chicken breast will be brined. consomme will be poured in by the guest.

    Posted 6-13-2009 , Reply

  3. Candid Wines

    Here are my thoughts on the wines (both gastronomic and philosophical)

    Course #1: Memphis pulled pork, buttermilk waffle, tomato rhubarb ‘cue sauce, pickled carrot and rhubarb relish
    Wine #1: Blanc de Noir from Wilhelmshof, Germany.
    Pinot Noir makes great sparkling wine, and your ‘cue sauce sounds finger licking good. That started me thinking about hand wipes, then lemon aromas, then sparkling wine. I think this will clean up our palates the way a hand wipe cleans the hands.

    Philosophically, I just love the idea of bubbles, barbeque & blues.

    Course # 2
    Chicken “confit” and greens Agnolotti, chicken and greens roulade, chicken consomme
    Wine #2: Weingut Keller 2007 “Von der Fels” Riesling
    From a food and wine standpoint, this is a no brainer. The wine has great acidity and a terrific texture that will cut through the fat of the chicken and at the same time match the earthiness from the greens.

    This is perhaps my favorite pairing too because both the music and the style of wine suffer from stereotypes. I’ll let Greg and Jim talk about the cultural importance of Superfly on Friday. I hope that as people learn about a layered character and soundtrack that offers a lot more than perhaps first meets the eye (especially a biased eye), they will taste one of the best dry German Rieslings around and open their minds to a class of wine that far too often falls prey to a misconception of being sweet and one-dimensional. We will convert at least one non-believer (in Riesling), I guarantee.

    Course #3
    Ancho and cacao roasted beets, carrots, and favas, served with watercress salad
    Wine #3 Olson Ogden Syrah, 2005. The balance of cacao, anchos and beets here sounds great, and I think people will be ready for a bolder red. If the same combo was used on a piece of lamb, I would go right to Syrah, and it will be fun to think about a wine like this as pairing for veggies. I hope this will show how selection of spices and cooking technique (i.e. roasting the beets and changing the sugars) can be more important to pairings than the dominant item in the dish. This wine is from the biodynamically farmed Unti Vineyard in CA.

    Philosophically, while I listen to a wide range of music, I have not given nearly enough time or attention to rappers like Common (I know all the lyrics to ‘Mama said knock you out” to give you a sense of my rap culture). It’s time for an upgrade, and I do not think that I am alone. Likewise, people who love bold red wines with names like “Hermitage” and “Cote-Rotie” seem to ignore modern, American Syrah. This is a chance to re-introduce wine lovers to what is going on in with syrah in California. (Fyi, Hermitage and Cote Rotie are small towns in France’s Rhone Valley that produce beautiful Syrah dominated wines that can be as gorgeous as they can be expensive…)

    Course #4 Fennel and herb crusted hanger steak, braised marrow, potato terrine, oyster mushroom ragout
    Wine #4 Scherrer “Zinfandoodle”, NV V6.7
    This is a great Alexander Valley Zin that will be delicious with the steak, no questions asked, but the pairing is as much about the music as it is about the food. At this point though, I am not giving any more clues to the philosophy of the pairings. I want our guests to think about why the wine, food and music are paired and to share their own thoughts. It’s ok to disagree, and I hope some people do. I will say here that Winemaker Fred Scherrer has a mini recording studio at the winery and plays a mean guitar. When I asked once what type of music he plays his response was “loud”. I think he’ll approve of the pairing.

    Course # 5 Seasonal berry cobbler, creme fraiche ice cream, port wine reduction
    Wine #5 1999 Schwibinger Pinot Gris, Auslese.
    I have a small change to request on this dish, Team Clandestino. Is there any chance the port reduction can be turned into a sweet white wine reduction? I’ll provide the juice, but I think this particular wine would do better with a white rather than a port. This wine is a fairly rare format in that not much late harvest Pinot Gris seems to make it to the market and we were really happy when the producer offered it to us. It should be a good way to end a night full of discovery.

    Can’t wait – the menu and the music look terrific.


    Posted 6-15-2009 , Reply

  4. Renee'

    I am new to this area and just recently signed up for this distro. I hate that I missed this particular event. Could you please consider doing another one of these MUSIC, FOOD & WINE….I will be there!

    Posted 6-26-2009 , Reply

  5. Dan McDonell

    We have been trying to reach you for two months to cancel our reservations for the June 19 dinner. There is no place on the website to directly contact you. I have left messages at your work for you to call. We are within the 72 hour time frame to receive a full refund and would appreciate that you do this. This cancellation is for two reservations for Dan McDonell and two reservations for MaryBeth Hoerner (possibly under Joe Hoerner name). Please confirm that you have received this and acted on it.

    Dan McDonell

    Posted 6-12-2010 , Reply

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