Update-Photos: Loft Dinner 5.1.09

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Dinner was served in a studio space in the South Shore neighborhood.

It was an Ode to Cheese; every course highlighted by one of our favorite cheeses. We started things out with one of Chef Nikki Stanger’s favorite bites, the Grana Padano crisp filled with queso fresco mousse. We made the queso fresco using whole milk, liquid rennet, white vinegar, and salt.

Painter Rex Flodstrom started his painting for the evening as we served the first course, an endive and asparagus salad featuring Caprioli goat cheese pearls. Then some tasty heat, a homemade pasta tossed in spicy pesto. Check out the recipe HERE.

The burgers were ultra-fresh. Beef short ribs, round, and ribeye, ground minutes before grilling, then served on homemade bretzel rolls with Wisconsin cheddar, of course. Wanna try making the bretzel rolls? It’s easier than you think! Here’s the recipe.

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  1. Stedillie

    Hi, I think the date for this [“Update-Photos: Loft Dinner 5.31.09”] is actually May 1st (and May 2nd).

    Loved the event. Will be attending more in the future.

    Jenn & Tony

    Posted 5-14-2009 , Reply

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