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Just got back from Memphis. It was my second year in the Memphis in May BBQ Contest. Last year, my team the Ques Brothers took 3rd place in Pork Shoulder, and this was quite an accomplishment, especially being a new team on the competition BBQ circuit.

Really though it’s about having a good time, cooking with friends. If you’ve never been to Memphis in May, I highly recommend going next year.

This year I tried a few new things. My famous turducken from last year evolved into a deboned duck stuffed with marinated pheasant breasts and wild boar sausage:

It was quite delicious and superior to the turducken, in my opinion. The duck skin was crispy and smoky, the perfect robe for the juicy meats inside.

I also helped my friend Dave Garr with his Matambre, butterflied beef brisket, stuffed with herbs and vegetables, then rolled and roasted. We smoked it for a few hours then wrapped it in foil to braise in its own juices.

BTW, Matambre means “Hunger Killer” en Español.

Alas, we left Memphis trophy-less this year (sigh), but not without a world of new skills and the hunger to smoke again in 2010.

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