Deconstructed Turducken at the market

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It was supposed to be on the roof top, but spring is still playing games so we had to move it all inside.

Our dinner guests walked through the grocery store, picked out some wine, and then came upstairs to the store room of the grocery store. We set up a dining room among boxes of receipts and refurbished kitchen equipment.

I had a great time with this menu. It was a collection of dishes and techniques that I encountered in the month of May. The soup was inspired by a mushroom and leek consommé I made in San Francisco for the Vagadu show except this time with the addition of fish and parsley meatballs. The entrée was a de-constructed version of the Turducken I cooked in Memphis at the BBQ Championship. I also learned some new tips and techniques on my staging night at Boka.

The turkey was smoke roasted for 4 hours with applewood and oak the night before. The duck was smoked for just 2 hours. The chicken was fried in the duck fat until crispy. The cornbread was served as a muffin with a molten foie gras center with roasted jalapeños and onions baked on top. The puree on the plate was a sweet potato and celery root puree. As a garnish I used cayenne oil, radish sprouts, and a dash of rub.

Pittmaster Willie Wagner from Honky Tonk BBQ stopped by just in time for dessert.

Pastry chef Stacey Whitney spontaneously created the dessert plate with the custard and key lime gelees that I handed her. There was some Kentucky bourbon in there, and in the coffee too…

Dave Sherman of the Steakhouse Mints came by with Rob Clearfield and played some sweet lounge covers of “I am the Walrus” and “Ring of Fire”.

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