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This is the Omnivore’s Dilemma

I think people who eat meat do so for a variety of reasons.

  • We enjoy the taste and texture
  • We grew up on meaty dishes like roasts, fried chicken, and goat stew
  • We love a good steak
  • We’re cutting down on carbs
  • We like our veggies, but balance this with an occasional chicken breast
  • It makes us feel strong and full and satisfies our Hunger

Whatever the reason, the reality is that omnivores like meat and enjoy it without guilt. People are talking more and more about meats and ingredients that are “grass fed”, “organic”, “sustainable”, which implies that they are healthier and better for you. Healthier and Better for you than what??

As consumers we have a few options when buying meats, milk, and animal products…

We can go to places like Wendy’s for a quick Spicy Chicken Sandwich (one of my old favorites). We can go to places like Crust in Chicago for an organic pulled pork sandwich or grass-fed beef sandwich (also organic). Further still, there are opportunities out there to buy whole animals from small farmers and split it with some friends. I’ve even heard of people buying a share of a cow to get fresh raw milk once a week. Take it one step further and you are selling your condo in the city to buy a small farm near Urbana. Then you can really have access to some good stuff.

It may seem luxurious to buy shares of cows for milk and to eat at organic restaurants and that’s because it is. The most accessible and economical meats and animal products are found at fast food restaurants, the packaged meat section, and boxes of frozen TV dinners.

So what is the conscientious omnivore to do?

For most of us, it’s very unrealistic to simply get up one morning and decide to eat only organic and sustainable food at every meal. But what isn’t unrealistic is to start thinking about where your food comes from. Then we can start making realistic decisions about what goes into our refrigerators and on our dinner tables.

If you’d like to do a little more digging into the subject of Meat and Sustainable Foods, here are a couple resources…

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  1. cathy

    Well said! Eating organic really is a luxury right now, but people can take small steps to support sustainable and organic agriculture. I like this article called Five Easy Ways to Go Organic. Irresponsible, big agribusiness will probably never go away, but I don’t think it’s unrealistic to believe that someday so many people will care enough about sustainability that organic food will be available and accessible to all.

    P.S. Looking forward to one of your events sometime soon!

    Posted 11-1-2007 , Reply

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